Glass Fusing is a wonderful craft that's undergoing a genuine rebirth, thanks to new, user-friendly materials, improved instruction and modern technology. It's fast, safe, affordable and adaptable for all ages. The art glass projects your students will make are trendy and exciting -- even money-making! The System 96 Glass Craft Program will make Fusing at your school not only simple and successful, but great fun and highly rewarding.
What is Glass Fusing?    

CLICK HERE for a tour of Frequently Asked Questions about fusing in general, fusing in Art Education Programs and our System 96 Glass Craft Program . . .

How to Get Started
  • FREE! Getting Started with Kiln-Fired Glass
    This little booklet encapsulates everything you need to know to start making successful fusing projects. A few pieces of compatible glass, some basic supplies and the information here will go a long way . . .

  • Purchasing Requirements           
    Our Program is available to School Teachers, Schools and School Districts. Follow the link for details.

  • Product Catalog           
    Download our Art Educator's Product Catalog -- Compatible glass in a world of colors, forms and special effects, plus basic tools and supplies to support your program. (Use in conjunction with the Price List / Order Form below.)

  • Price List          
    Remember: FREE SHIPPING on all orders over $200!

  • Project Guides           
    These mini-lesson plans walk you or your students through the step-by-step creation of selected projects. Make them as shown or customize to your liking -- each one teaches something!

Essential Information
The guides and articles below contain basic information for successful glass fusing. (Click on titles to download PDF documents unless otherwise noted.) 

Tips & Resources
The guides and articles below will arm you with pertinent techniques and background information to extend your expertise. (Click on titles to download PDF documents.)   

The HotStart PRO Kiln           
Thinking of adding a household kiln? This speedy little workhorse plugs-in anywhere, cycles quickly and costs mere pocket change to run. It's our absolute favorite! CLICK HERE to download flyer or CLICK HERE for more information about the HotStart.

Customer Support           
We're just full of information! You're welcome to email us with any questions about techniques, problems, System 96 products or our Art Educator's Program. Use the email address below:

Mary Estrada
Email: mary@SpectrumGlass.com
Phone: 800-426-3120 (ext. 4069) or 425-483-6699 (ext. 4069)
FAX: 360-668-7025

Mural of fused glass faces created for the Heritage Celebration at Juanita Elementary School, Kirkland, WA.