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Spectrum Art Glass Information Archives

Making Garden Stones that ROCK!
Pat Aberg teaches us how to spice up mosaics with pebbles and stones.

Tips on Multiples Production
Need to make a number of copies of the same glass project? Read this! (Downloads 241k PDF.)

Mosaic Platters
Christine Stewart shares the know-how and a FREE PATTERN from her book Mosaic Platters, Mirrors and More

Photographing Glass for Texture
Some simple, yet effective secrets of glass photography are revealed.

Cracked Glass in Stepping Stones
What you can do to prevent glass cracks in your stepping stones.

Publishing Your Designs
Got the itch to publish your pattern designs? Find out how others have succeeded.

Choosing Glass Like the Pros
Find out how glass master, Roy Little, selects glass.

The Lure of Beadmaking
Premier bead artist Kate Drew-Wilkinson shares her techniques.

Hey, My Baroque Broke!
Tips on cutting our reamy glass.

A Brief History of Spectrum Glass
How it came to pass that Spectrum Glass was born.

And the Ladler Always Gets the Girl
What's it really like to handle those big ladles full of molten glass . . .?

Just What is "T-Glass?"
Understanding Standard and "non-Standard" products.

The Continuous Ribbon
A description of the unique Spectrum® production process and where it fits in the evolution of sheet glass production.

On Discontinued Products
Why Spectrum sometimes discontinues items, and how you can affect those decisions.

The "Feather White" Project
To our knowledge, the single largest architectural installation of Spectrum Glass. Here's how it all came about.

A Bit About Glass
Is glass really a liquid? Some light reading on the physical properties of vitreous substances.

No Fish Story
Yes, you can cut glass underwater with scissors. But don't throw away your oil-cutter just yet.