Hey, My Baroque™ Broke!

Some Hints on Cutting our Reamy Glass...

Cutting our Baroque™ glass is as much a matter of approach as technique. If you approach it expecting stress in the sheet, you're on the right track. There will always be more stress in a sheet of Baroque than you're used to in other Spectrum products.

A little understanding of fusing helps. Like mixed opals and streakies, Baroque is two different glasses mixed together. Fusers know that anytime glasses are mixed, they must be relatively compatible with each other, or else stress and fracturing will result. In Baroque, the two glasses are compatible with each other, but just barely. It is a careful mismatch of glass compositions that creates the characteristic depth and 3-D swirls in reamy glasses. So, in a sense, we're creating a little stress in this product in order to achieve its aesthetic characteristics.

Approach Baroque expecting stress in the sheet. If you expect some stress you'll score and break with extra caution, and that's the whole idea. Baroque is very cuttable, it's just less forgiving than our other products.

As far as technique goes, use a quality cutter and consistent pressure when you score, and score slowly. Most people find it easiest to cut on the back of the sheet, which is the smoother of the two sides.

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