Spectrum® Green Statement

Spectrum® Glass Company is a manufacturer of specialty sheet glass for use in architecture, fine arts, hobby-craft, lighting and other applications. We produce over 450 glass products, including Waterglass®, Baroque™, Artíque®, Iridescent Glass, multi-color mixes and textured colors. As the world’s leading manufacturer of these specialty sheet glasses, we are committed to operate our facilities in ways that:

  • Prevent harm to public health and the environment
  • Conserve energy, water and raw materials
  • Integrate pollution prevention
  • Comply with environmental regulations at the national, state, and local levels

Key elements of Spectrum’s environmental assurance process include:

  • Air Programs - Spectrum routinely evaluates equipment and process modifications that reduce emissions, conserve energy and provide environmental benefit.

  • Waste Programs – Spectrum focuses on the use of raw materials and product yields to minimize the generation of waste.

  • Water Programs – Spectrum carefully reviews and manages how water is treated, used and discharged from our operations. Cooling water used in glass production is re-circulated in a closed system, thus saving approx. 2,000 to 5,000 gallons of water per hour. Spectrum’s monitored water program has improved Storm water quality for 2007.

  • Glass Recycling Programs – Spectrum recycles all waste or trimmed glass. The majority of waste glass is recycled in our manufacturing operation, with lesser amounts recycled to glass blowers, glass tile manufacturers, glass marble manufacturers, and pipe contractors. Recycled glass results in energy savings of approx. 15% and lowers emissions by approx. 25%. Glass recycled, as a % of total materials used, is up for 2006-2007, compared to 2004-2005 and prior years.

  • Other Recycling Programs – Spectrum recycles wooden glass cases, wooden pallets, all iron and steel waste, and all paper and cardboard products.
    Recent highlights from Spectrum’s environmental efforts:

  • Spectrum is an advocate of oxygen-fuel furnace technology and one of the first manufacturers of specialty sheet glasses to install this technology. This technology is in operation on three of our furnaces, reducing fuel consumption by 38 percent, reducing carbon dioxide emissions by 10 percent, and reducing emissions of nitrogen oxides by 50 percent.

  • Spectrum has made large investments to improve energy use, including heat recovery from our furnaces, improved means to recycle more of our glass waste in manufacturing, added insulation for our furnace crowns, purchase of Variable Frequency Drive motor controls to reduce electrical use, and low energy facility lighting