Spectrum Glass

Permissions & Trademarks


Spectrum Glass Images

You are welcome to download the digital images of Spectrum® Glass products and use them in your graphic design, stained glass design, or other application. When you use the images as examples of or promotions of sheet glass, we ask that you identify the images as Spectrum products. If the images are incorporated into a graphic design, they need not be identified.

This permission applies to Spectrum's product images only, and NOT to any Gallery image, logo, or other image found on the Spectrum site.

If you wish to download all product images, or groups of images, the chore will be much simplified by using our FTP site, established for your convenience.


The patterns in the Spectrum Pattern of the Month collection are available for individual use only. To use them in any other capacity requires permission from the individual designer. (Artist credit with city and state is given on each pattern and can be used to contact the designer.)

Gallery Images

Spectrum has obtained permission to display the photographs appearing in the Gallery section of this web site. If you wish to use the images, you must also obtain the artist’s permission.


Spectrum®, System 96®, Waterglass®, Artíque®, and Papyros® are registered trademarks of Spectrum Glass Company, Inc. Baroque™, SilverCoats™, Spirit™, OpalArt™, Nuggets™, Fusers’ Reserve™, STRIPES™, CutUps™, Pebbles™, and HotStart™ are trademarks of Spectrum Glass Company.