Spectrum Products

Categories & Families

The many varieties of Spectrum® products are available in the following families and/or categories.

Transparent Glass (Also known as Cathedral)
Transparent glasses boast their color in all manner of transmitted light. These simple glasses are the foundation of traditional glasswork, and are available in a selection of color and texture that is unmatched, anywhere.

Smooth Transparent Smooth as Spectrum: Nearly texture-free, Spectrum Smooths are a classic choice in every segment of the glass arts. Smooths are denoted by either an “S” or “SF” suffix to the stock number. View/ download image sheet. (PDF)

Textured Transparent Texture bends and refracts light passing through a Transparent glass, amplifying the color while gently muting background images. This category includes the popular Rough Rolled family. View/ download image sheet. (PDF)

A scribed "antique" transparent glass family, alive with the surface striations characteristic of mouthblown sheet glass. Artíque unites brilliant surface characteristics, delicate light refraction and subtle but definite background distortion. A Spectrum exclusive. View/ download image sheet. (PDF)

Transparent colors with a natural surface texture created by stretching the hot glass sheet while it is still in a pliable state. The result is gentle, rolling waves that resemble the surface of a lake or stream. A Spectrum exclusive. View/ download image sheet. (PDF)

Rough Rolled
Spectrum “Rough Rolled” (RR) transparent products have a subtle, delicate texturing that gently mutes transmitted light and images. It’s the look of a naturally “chilled” glass surface, like table-rolled glasses of years gone by. View/ download image sheet. (PDF)

A "reamy" glass, produced by combining glasses of mis-matched compositions. The different glasses "oppose" each other when they are stirred together, creating artistic 3-D swirls. A Spectrum exclusive. View/ download image sheet. (PDF)

Clear Textures
Texture is the personality of art glass, suggesting dimension, depth and contrast. In clear glass, texture is also useful for achieving varying degrees of privacy, while adding elegance and richness. Spectrum’s wide assortment of Clear Textures range from quite transparent to very obscure. View/ download image sheet. (PDF)

“Classic” Variegated Mixes
One or more transparent glasses combined with white opalescent (opal) glass to create a variegated, multi-colored sheet. Available with varying degrees of light transmission categorized as Wispy, Translucent, and Semi-Translucent.

Wispy Opalescent mixes are traditionally composed of about 3/4 cathedral glass color and about 1/4 opaque white glass. In the finished sheet, wisps of opal display as both surface variegation and internal shadowing, generating reflection and depth. View/ download image sheet. (PDF)

Translucent Opalescent mixes are about 50-50 cathedral color and white opal glass. The larger proportion of opaque white reduces light transmission and increases surface reflection. View/ download image sheet. (PDF)

Semi-Translucent Opalescent mixes are primarily opal glass, eliminating the perception of images through the sheet. Because of their relative opacity, these glasses are highly reflective in nature. View/ download image sheet. (PDF)

Pearl Opal Art Mix
Stunning multi-color blends with the unmistakably luminescent Pearl glow that is further enhanced with the subtle Corsica texturing. A Spectrum exclusive. View/ download image sheet. (PDF)

Solid Opalescent
Solid color, opalescent glasses. These non-variegated products are highly reflective in nature and thus especially popular for mosaic and mural application. With natural or artificial, backlighting they reveal a captivating, luminescent glow. View/ download image sheet. (PDF)

Iridescent Glass
A thin layer of metallic crystal has been bonded to these glasses during sheet forming, creating a colorful, shimmering surface effect. In System 96® fusible glasses (indicated by the “SF” suffix), the Iridescent coating is high-fire and will not burn off in the kiln.

Unique art glass products with a bright, reflective silver-coat to one side — perfect for projects that demand brilliance. A Spectrum exclusive. View/ download image sheet. (PDF)

Hypnotic OpalArt is created when disparate glasses are stirred together onto an opalescent base. The resulting broad swirls of color are as unique as they are magnificent. A Spectrum exclusive. View/ download image sheet. View/ download image sheet. (PDF)

Sweeping comets of color on either a clear or Firelight base creates a distinct, mouth-blown look. A Spectrum exclusive. View/ download image sheet. (PDF)

Crystal Opal 
The translucent, almost ghostly quality of Crystal Opals distinguishes them from more common opalescent products. The glass gathers and disperses light like the crystal for which it is named. View/ download image sheet. (PDF)

Spectrum Home Collection
Distinctive art glass textures for cabinetry, home furnishings and interior design. Many products are available in thick and/or oversized sheets. View/ download image sheet. (PDF)

System 96®
Products formulated and "Tested Compatible" especially for fusing, slumping and other hot glass work. This Spectrum line of sheet glass (denoted by the “SF” suffix) is complemented by many specialty glass products, including glass frits, noodle, stringer, dichroic glass, and casting materials, made and supplied by System 96 partner companies. All System 96 products are tested against an identical standard to insure compatibility of viscosity and expansion coefficient. View/ download current catalog. (PDF)

A System 96 product that, when fired, releases a galaxy of dazzling metallic flakes imbedded within the glass. View/ download image sheet. (PDF)


Note On Image Accuracy

While glass is notoriously difficult to capture well in a photograph, we’ve taken great care to present our glass as true-to-life as possible. Since computer monitors and printers vary widely, and may not reliably portray the glass or its color, you may want to consider purchasing a Sample Set for selecting just the right glass for your projects.