Spectrum Products


As a glass crafter, you know there is no substitute for the real thing when it comes time to choose glass for your project. You need actual glass samples, and accurate ones at that. Spectrum® offers the following Sample Sets to aid you in glass selection.

The Standard Spectrum Sample Set includes every color and color-mix we make, as well as examples of every available texture. The set contains nearly 200 samples, organized with dividers, and includes our annual Update Program. The perfect choice for most customer's needs.

The Master Spectrum Sample Set has been designed for the professional and advanced craftsperson. It puts the entire Spectrum product line—over 300 samples—at your fingertips. The Master Set contains every color in every texture we produce. For quick selection and ease in re-filing, the different colors, mixes and textures are separated by category and clearly labeled with sturdy dividers.

The SilverCoat Sample Set includes every color currently produced in this dazzling line. We've taken our unique art glass products and added a bright, reflective Silver coat, turning specialty glasses into shimmering super-specialties. Perfect for projects that demand brilliance!

To Order
Order any of these Sample Sets quickly and easily from the online Spectrum Store.

You can also order by mail, FAX, or phone (8am-5pm Pacific time), using your credit card. Or, pick one up directly from any authorized Spectrum Glass distributor.

Order Individual Samples
Make a list of samples you are missing and mail, email or fax it to our Sample Department for a quote. The contents of a completely up-to-date Sample Set will match the current Spectrum Stock List [.pdf, 218KB]. Cross-reference the Stock List to your Sample Set.

Annual Updates
Annual updates are announced in our email correspondence (Sign up now).

A Note on the Accuracy of Samples
We make every effort to grade each sample so that it is reasonably representative of a product's color, mix characteristics and light transmission. However, in some glass types, it is impossible to fairly represent the appearance of a large piece in a small sample. Please use the Spectrum Product Catalog in conjunction with your Sample Set to better judge how a product might look in larger pieces.